Welcome to my world of the practical scrapbooker

Here is ten years of scrapbooking my photos and memorabilia onto actual paper .....without major art projects or (too) complicated techniques.

I blend traditional paper and "new" digital techniques to tell the stories of my family's fun, travels, and history.

Here are my thoughts as I sort, shop, crop, organize, arrange, journal, and decorate my scrapbook pages.


Scrapbooking Decorative and Commemorative Pins

It took quite awhile to decide what to do with my assortment of commemorative pins sitting in a box. A shadow box was obvious for my military insignia and crests, but how to explain what they mean ? How to scrapbook about them ? Those military insignia, girl scout pins, Disney pins, and miscellaneous souvenir pins all tell stories, but those pins and clutch backs are way too bulky to use in a scrapbook.

I assembled my military pins on a piece of scrapbook paper that I scanned and then used Photoshop to brighten some details. I could have photographed it with my digital camera on the "macro" setting, but I really love my HP Photosmart scanner, its options, and its quality. Then I printed a 5x7 for my scrapbook page. The originals will go on the wall when I find a shadowbox that I love.

Arranging my military set was so much easier than arranging the Disney pins, an ongoing puzzle for me. If the Disney pins were not so expensive, I would be tempted to clip off the back posts and use them as adorable embelishments. Hmmmmmm.