Welcome to my world of the practical scrapbooker

Here is ten years of scrapbooking my photos and memorabilia onto actual paper .....without major art projects or (too) complicated techniques.

I blend traditional paper and "new" digital techniques to tell the stories of my family's fun, travels, and history.

Here are my thoughts as I sort, shop, crop, organize, arrange, journal, and decorate my scrapbook pages.


Six months of blogging, six years of scrapbooking

Blogging has made me think about my scrapbooking processes: not only what I do, but why I do it the way that I do. For six months I have posted my methods and described how I assembled some of my favorite pages.

Do I have more experiences to share ? Oh yes, I do. Out of my six years of scrapbooks, some of my favorite aspects of scrapbooking that I will describe next include:
  • pages that feature mosaics of photographs.
  • reworking and updating lay-outs.
  • pages and scrapbooks of vintage photographs and "family trees." My mother's family and my husband's mother's family have photographs that date back into the 1880's for me to organize and scrapbook. We also have photos from our parents' pre-children lives.
  • starting a scrapbook of my own "pre-children" life.
  • scrapbooking our postage stamp collections.
  • deciding what to scrapbook and when
  • my topics for a 8x8 scrapbook rather than my usual 8 1/2 x 11 size.

As I spent this three day week-end cleaning and organizing my craft half of the laundry room, I also have given quite a bit of thought recently on these topics:

  • tools that I bought and never used (or used once and twice and never again)
  • organizing my paper supply

I'll post again soon as soon as I decide which topic to discuss next.