Welcome to my world of the practical scrapbooker

Here is ten years of scrapbooking my photos and memorabilia onto actual paper .....without major art projects or (too) complicated techniques.

I blend traditional paper and "new" digital techniques to tell the stories of my family's fun, travels, and history.

Here are my thoughts as I sort, shop, crop, organize, arrange, journal, and decorate my scrapbook pages.


Pre-packaged titles and borders -- another product I wish that I didn't buy.

Soon after I started scrapbooking, I bought a package of adorable titles and a package of borders. They were so cute. I had kids. How could I not use them ? Let me count the ways.

The titles never "fit" in theme, color, or size on a page I was assembling. I finally (a year or two later) decided to design a few pages around them.

Then I realized that the borders and titles were printed on white paper, and I don't use white background paper. I cut away as much white as I could, and used them, creating some mediocre pages that "someday" I will re-do.

I decided never to design a page around one embellishment because I prefer to have my photos be the focus. To confirm that decision I bought a package of lovely pastel Victorian borders that at least were not printed on white.

All the borders are now donated to a local school program. Beware of cure products.

I now tend to think about products and buy them when I have thought of way to use them in a page design I love. I do buy products that I love that I use a lot.